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 General Cartwright, Guys & Dolls, Big League Productions  Callis, The Rover, New York Classical Theatre  Ma Joad, Grapes of Wrath, Ohio University   Domina, A Funny Thing...Forum, Monomoy Theatre  Mrs. Pearce, My Fair Lady, Big League Productions, Singapore 
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“The most colorful personages among the beery Boar’s Head tavern crowd are … Jesse Graham’s forthright Mistress Quickly.”
Michael Sommers, NY Times

“Finally, Jesse Graham turns in a very intense and funny performance going toe to toe with the very talented (John) Ahlin's Falstaff as Mistress Quickly, hostess of the tavern.”  Janine M. Torsiello, Morris Beats

“Jesse Graham's Mistress Quickly, hostess of the tavern, is appropriately lusty and gives a spirited rejoinder when she is accused of being a whore.”  Ruth Rosss, NJ Arts Maven

"... and Jesse Graham takes charge of the mission folks as a stern General Cartwright."  Tom Titus Los Angeles Times

"Jesse Graham (General Cartwright), and... do tiptop work as well, with special snaps to Graham's rafters-reaching solo in "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat,"  Steven Stanley. Stages Scene LA

“While Tom tries his hardest to find work for everyone, the real hero of the play may be the passionate and feisty Ma Joad, played by Jesse Graham. She serves as the emotional backbone of the family, and becomes more and more frustrated by the toll the journey is taking on the people she loves.” (Athens News)

"Jesse Graham is also entertaining as Higgins steadfast housekeeper, Mrs. Peace."  Ronelle Grier, Oakland Press News

"We have an example of a young professional, Jesse Graham, who is back with us this summer. She's has had a very successful year since graduating from us and the University of Tennessee. She is playing the wardrobe, Madame de la Grande Bouche." (Jim Crabtree, Producer - Cumberland County Playhouse, broadwaytovegas.com)

“But we wanted to introduce [an] exciting new cast member, Jesse Graham as Irene, the plucky bar maid… ”(Trailerparkmovie.com)

“The wives don’t figure importantly in the plot, but Jesse Graham shows us the feisty side of Mistress Quickly...”
Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp Review,NJ